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Friday, June 15, 2012

Twelve Weeks

I'm now 12 weeks 1 day pregnant. WOOHOO! I am loving every second of this! Today I had another ultrasound and Baby B has really grown the past few weeks! His/her arms and legs have really gotten long. We were able to see his (for the sake of not saying his/her constantly) little face. He was hyper today, bouncing around on his back. It was precious! After a while he pointed his legs up and started kicking them like he was doing the upside down bicycle or something. When the sonographer was getting the profile view his adorable little hand was on his forehead and we could see all of his fingers. We definitely have two arms, two legs, and all ten fingers and toes! She went through and showed us all of his teeny little body parts. She wouldn't give me a guess on gender yet, she said she has a reputation of accuracy to uphold and it's just too early. I'm still so captivated by every little thing about Baby B, as I'm sure I will be for the rest of my life now. 

I finally got to stop all of my estrogen pills, patches and progesterone yesterday. It's definitely blogworthy... trust me, it's a big step for us IVFers!

 ^^Here Baby B is facing toward us. The 2d ultrasound makes their face look a tad alien-like because it only shows bone structure, but that aside this was an amazing photo. It is of him kicking his little legs up in the air and bouncing all around. It was so cute in motion!^^
 ^^Here is a profile view of the baby. His facial features are a little hard to make out when he isn't in motion, but you can clearly see his fist propped up on his forehead. :)^^
^^This is a facial profile photo. (I'm taking their word for it) BUT the cool thing is that you can see his little fingers and thumb!^^

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Last night at 10 weeks 1 day I was able to locate our baby's heartbeat on my at home Doppler! I'm so excited that I can hear it anytime I want now! :) It's such peace of mind to know that everything is okay!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ten Weeks

Hello double digits!!! This is such a great feeling. I am finally starting to feel some sense of calmness and my anxieties are decreasing. This morning I took the "Intelligender" test. Afterward, I read in the fine print that using it while on progesterone can result in a false boy result. Of course, I am on those and I did get a boy result so it could be a girl still. I suppose only time will tell.

 This past Tuesday I had my first OB appointment. It was exciting but very unexciting. It was mostly just like a regular yearly exam. I elected to do the NT scan between 10-13 weeks to check for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18. I'd never consider "terminating" regardless of any result, but who doesn't want an extra ultrasound? It's totally worth a blood test to me. Needles don't scare this IVFer one single bit! I can't get enough of seeing that sweet little gummy bear dancing around. Plus, peace of mind is priceless.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nine Weeks

Today I'm 9 weeks pregnant! Yesterday I started cramping pretty badly so I went to the ER. Everything turned out perfectly fine and I got to see our sweet little baby on ultrasound again. This time was really cool because the baby was wiggling his/her arms and legs all over the place. It was adorable and looked like he/she was dancing around in there. Baby B had a heart rate of 175 so that is really good! :)

Here is my photo:
This little one has really grown since the last ultrasound! I love how my baby cooperates and gives us really good photos! In this one, if you look closely you can see the little eyes and everything. It was so precious! We're not sure what that is hanging between the legs there, but Jason was getting pretty proud. Apparently even if we do end up with a little boy, his family jewels wouldn't develop for another few weeks anyway. Maybe it's the umbilical cord.

Here is a rotated image since apparently upside down is the cool way to be:

Simply amazing...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eight Weeks

Today, I am eight weeks pregnant! Every week feels like such an accomplishment. I still cannot fathom the miracle taking place inside of my body.

Over the past week I have developed a few more symptoms... morning sickness mainly. Even as I'm puking I can't help but smile inside. I know it sounds so corny, but I am so thankful to have a reason to throw up. I did however call my doctor yesterday for help with this. She called me in Zofran and Phenergan which has been a lifesaver.

My first appointment with my OB clinic is this coming Tuesday! Up until now I have only been seen by my reproductive endocrinologist (the guy (besides my husband) who helped knock me up.) Even though it will only be a nurse visit, I am so excited to get my foot in the door and get things rolling along.

Yesterday my fetal doppler came in the mail. I, of course, tried it last night at 7w6d even though they don't usually pick up on a fetal heartbeat until weeks 10-12. So naturally, I wasn't able to locate our baby's heartbeat just yet but I can't wait until I can hear that beautiful sound once again.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Seven Weeks

I am 7 weeks pregnant! We are so thrilled that all of our perseverance has finally paid off and I am expecting! To read our story and see where we have come from, click here:

Here are some of our ultrasound images from my 7 week ultrasound yesterday afternoon:

^^I can't believe I can already see tiny little arms!^^
^^Although last week we got to see the baby's heart flickering, yesterday we got to hear the baby's heart beating for the very first time at 131 BPM! I thought I was prepared, but it literally took my breath away! ^^

 ^^"Oh hey, what's up?"^^

Here is an image from my very first ultrasound at 6 weeks 2 days last week: